Trenton Literacy Movement: Mission Statement 

The Trenton Literacy Movement (TLM) is a 501(c)(3) organization  founded to improve literacy education for the 80% of students in NJ urban elementary schools who read below grade level.

AUGUST 2017 – TLM donates $100,800
to the city’s public schools to help ensure children
are reading on grade level by third grade.
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In summer programs for Trenton children over the past four years, TLM has demonstrated the value of computer-based instructional aids, leading to adoption of these aids in all Trenton elementary schools this year.  This district-wide demonstration serves TLM’s larger missions of improving literacy education in all NJ urban schools and promoting legislation to mandate after-school remedial programs in all lagging districts.

The TLM goal for the literacy initiative is after-school reading programs throughout the community.   TLM is supporting this goal by raising funds to initially establish after-school programs in each elementary school to support increased reading skills.

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