Trenton School District Literacy Initiative

The Trenton Literacy Movement (TLM) has initiated fund-raising to cover the costs of teachers and aides in the literacy initiative for after-school reading programs throughout the community. The costs for the initiative run from $4,200-$12,600 per school.

We are looking to raise just over $120,000 for the 2018 school year from Trenton-area stakeholders – foundations, corporations, partnerships, individuals.

This investment will substantially improve the prospects of our neediest children, and build momentum for expanding after-school reading programs throughout Trenton’s schools and the Trenton Community.



or make a check out to:  “Trenton Literacy Movement” then send it to:

The Trenton Literacy Movement
P.O. Box 653
Trenton, NJ 08604

Your donation to TLM is tax deductible as TLM is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

For more information on donation and support opportunities, please contact:

Douglas H. Palmer
Chairman, Trenton Literacy Movement

(View the Fundraising Request Letter)


After viewing the success of the Trenton Literacy Movement’s (TLM’s) 2015 summer program, Trenton School Superintendent Lucy Feria initiated a Lexia pilot program in five Trenton schools in 2015-2016.  The success of that pilot led to adoption of Lexia in all thirteen Trenton District elementary schools in 2016-2017 as part of a major literacy initiative.

The TLM goal for the literacy initiative is after-school reading programs throughout the community.   TLM is supporting this goal by raising funds to initially establish after-school programs in each elementary school to support increased reading skills.