TLM Approach

Computer-Assisted Reading Instruction

For four years TLM has collaborated with Trenton Public Schools and the Trenton Housing Authority to evaluate,  demonstrate and implement the instructional software known as Lexia.

The TLM goal for the literacy initiative is after-school reading programs throughout the community.   TLM is supporting this goal by raising funds to initially establish after-school programs in each elementary school to support increased reading skills.

Lexia software
• supplements teachers’ instruction
• with game-like practice tailored to the child’s needs and level
• the child’s progress is constantly monitored without testing
• teachers get feedback about the child’s instructional needs

Effectively, a personal tutor…

The results have been remarkable.

Computer-Assisted Instruction: Lexia Experience in Trenton
…Trenton Housing Authority 6-week Program, summer 2015… screenshot-at-2016-09-30-234459

Impact of 6-week Lexia program on sixteen 5th-graders’ reading:

• Before: 18% of children at or within one grade of grade 5

• After: 49% of children at or within one grade of grade 5 level


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